Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lindsey Graham tells the unvarnished truth about Iraq

From the RNC on 09.04.2008. Lindsey Graham declares that "we are on the road to victory" in Iraq. As he says this, whoever is in charge of the video screen behind him shows us what that road is made of. From MSNBC 09.04.2008

The massive cultural difference at the RNC

Unintentional comedy courtesy of MSNBC and the RNC. Chris Matthews can't come out and say the RNC is full of dorky white people, but the camera operator makes his point for him. Nice dancing, you tool.

McCain doesn't Support Bush's Social Security Plan, I Think

Bill Adair of clueless tool. He complains that Hillary Clinton is untruthful when John McCain wants to privatize social security. From Morning Joe, MSNBC, 08.27.08

Most Clueless Jingle ever?

Local TV commercial for a heating company called S&M Heating. Check out their jingle. They can't really be this clueless, can they?

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